In the age of AI, let your writing shine with the human eye.

The Orange Box

specialises in copyediting, proofreading, and content writing.

Hi! I am Sarita!

I founded The Orange Box to help transform your beautiful writing into a finished manuscript. Completing your writing does not automatically create a finished piece. No matter how many times you read your own writing, it can be challenging to spot every error, misplaced punctuation mark, or awkward sentence. Whether you need basic proofreading or copyediting, as a seasoned professional copyeditor, I step in to make sure your sentences hit the spot as you intended them to. I carefully go through every word to make sure the entire manuscript is clear and consistent.

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See what your writing can achieve with human insight, expertise, and creativity!

In the age of AI, it is important to retain the human touch to ensure your writing is sensitive, nuanced, and free of data biases. While AI can be a great tool, a human eye understands contextual and cultural nuances better than any AI tool does.

Copyediting and writing are creative processes that humans are better placed to do. As a copyeditor, through years of experience, I have gained domain expertise and resolved issues that an AI tool may not be experienced in.

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Not sure what you need?

If you are unsure whether your writing needs proofreading or copyediting, send me a 3-page sample. I am happy to take a look (at no cost) and recommend the right service for you!

I understand your requirements and what you want your writing to achieve.


1. Learning about your work

I start by learning about you and your work to understand your needs and your target audience.

3. The process

My process of copyediting typically involves two rounds of copyediting. Please note that non-fiction manuscripts typically require more than two rounds.

2. Finalising the terms and conditions

We finalise the scope of work, timeline, and fees (usually priced per word).

4. Final Submission

I will send the final work to you only when we both are 100% happy with the finished piece.