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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of writing do you do?
I primarily write web copy for websites across industries, and ghost-write blogs, articles, and reports. I also write content for brochures, and email campaigns. You can visit navigate through this website for more about the services I provide. If what you are looking for is not listed here, please contact me, and I shall respond.
Will you proof read or copy-edit for us?
Yes. I provide copy editing, and proof reading services for content written by others.
Is the ghostwriting service confidential?
Can you write in American English as well as British English?
Yes, of course. I will produce the final work in your preferred spelling and punctuation style.
Do you work on designing and developing websites?
Yes, I do this in collaboration with experienced consulting partners. We undertake design for design and development of websites as well as design for brochures, newsletters, print magazines and more.
Do you work on Branding and/or Marketing Strategies?
No, I don’t but I will do my best to connect you to others who do. For my writing, I develop content based on the branding & marketing framework provided by the client, but my scope of work excludes developing the branding & marketing strategies.
What are your fees?
This will depend on the kind of writing you expect. Most writing jobs are client-specific, making it hard for set fees; the price will depend on the type of work required, the amount of research it will involve, and the turnaround time. Please contact me with any enquiries, and we will discuss your requirements, after which I will share a work proposal that includes a price estimate.
Who have you written for before this?
I have written for a range of clients across different sectors. Some of them are listed here. You can contact me to write on an array of subjects. I research each subject thoroughly, and provide clear and reliable content.
So, where do we start?
Get in touch with me, and off we go.

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