Frequently Asked Questions

What is copyediting?
Copyediting involves checking if sentences, paragraphs, and sections flow smoothly throughout the writing. It also clarifies meaning, eliminates jargon, refines language, and fixed awkward word choices and sentence structures. Line-by-line-editing includes copyediting for smoothness and clarity and rewriting/rephrasing of sentences where needed to ensure that the writing conveys exactly what it intended to.
What is proofreading?
Proofreading is identifying and correcting spelling and grammar errors, typos, punctuation errors, inconsistent usage of terms (for example, high-density vs high density), and inconsistent formatting.
How are copyediting and proofreading services priced?
This depends on several factors. Most service providers prefer charging a per-word fee, while some charge by the hour. Other factors that can affect pricing are the depth of copyediting needed, the number of words to be copyedited, and the turnaround time.
What is the difference between US and UK English?
The main differences between the two are in pronunciation, spelling, punctuation, idiomatic expressions, and word choices. No matter what one chooses, consistency is key to ensure that the writing follows the same styke throughout a document.
Do copyediting and content writing include branding and/or marketing Strategies?
No. Typically, copyeditors and writers do no work on branding and/or marketing, but they take into consideration the branding and marketing framework provided by clients.
Are your services confidential?
Yes. Absolutely!
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