Copyediting and/or Proofreading

I copyedit and/or proofread a variety of documents for a range of clients. Two of the manuscripts I copyedited have been published (one in India and one in Nepal).


As a professional copyeditor and proofreader, I ensure your documents reflect your style and the writing retains the preferred brand tone. 


My experience as a full-time professional in regional and international NGOs combined with my understanding of the non-profit sector aids my copyediting process.

Non-Fiction Writing

I thoroughly copyedit your manuscript, while retaining your style and tone, in a way that all readers find it engaging and easy to understand.

Academic Writing

Whether you are a PhD candidate or an academic, I copyedit to make sure your writing is clear and consistent, and your audience can follow along. I also make sure that your citations and references match the preferred style requirements.

What I copyedit


Research Reports 

Annual Reports 


Journal Submissions

Case Studies



Whaite Papers



Press Releases


English Language Training

As a TEFL/TESOL-certified English language trainer, I have been teaching English to adults for over 10 years.

General English

English language courses for adult learners of all levels—starter to advanced. 

English Language Tests

Gain skills needed to succeed in English language tests such as TOEFL, SAT (English), IELTS (General or Academic), PTE.

Business Writing

Learn how to write clearly for effective business communication.*

*Suitable for those who can communicate fluently with other English speakers

Customised Courses

I can create a customised course that best meets your needs, such as courses that improve your reading skills, conversation skills, or improve your vocabulary.

English Language Training Material

I can create resources for practice or for teaching. For example, I can create customised English language tests, practice sheets for grammar, and practice sheets for vocabulary.

B2B Content Writing

In these times of information overload, I work with you to make sure your content can hook the interest of your readers.


I create high quality B2B web content that makes sure your website tells the visitors who you are, how you can help them, what you offer, and how they can engage with you. 


I can review content created by your team and share suggestions to strengthen the writing. I can also help create email or letter templates for internal communication.


Whether you want to devote your time to things that require your hands-on attention, or you don’t like the process of writing itself, I can help transform your ideas into structured, reader-friendly, and engaging content.


If you would like to discuss other ways in which my skills can help your business or organisation, please get in touch here

Allied Services and Odd Works

Besides the services listed here, I can help you with a range of other business/organizational needs.

I collaborate with experienced professionals to provide specialised allied services such as website design and development, design for print, translations, and voice-overs.

I also undertake a range of other tasks such as transcribing audio content from meetings and interviews into accurate type written documents, doing online research, drafting contracts, fact-checking articles, or formatting documents. 

Do you have other professional requirements that aren’t listed here but require a combination of some of my skills and services?

Write to me to discuss other possible collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know what is the difference between copyediting and proofreading? Are you wondering if my services are confidential? Read the FAQs.

How I work

1Learning about you and your work
I start by learning about you, your writing, your readers, and what you want your writing to achieve. Our discussion will help me better understand your requirements and ensure that my copyediting and/or writing is tailored to suit your specific needs.
2Finalising terms and conditions
Once we have decided on your requirements and my role, we finalise the scope of work, timeline, and fees (usually priced per word). I may consider other pricing models (a one-time or a monthly payment) based on a case-by-case approach.
3The process
My process typically involves two rounds. At the end of the first round, I send my comments and questions, if any. I also prepare a style sheet, which includes preferred language (US/UK), word choices, etc. The queries and comments can be resolved via email or over a call, if necessary. After the second (or final) round, I send you a final document. Please note than non-fiction manuscripts typically require more than two rounds.
4Final submission
I will send the final work to you when we are 100% happy with the finished piece. I, most commonly, send submissions via email or a highly secure cloud-based storage solution. I am also happy to send the work by any other reasonable method that you may suggest.