Writing for Websites

Your website is often the first online tool to reach your customers. In the crowded online environment, you only have a few seconds to hook the interest of the visitors. I create high quality web content that makes sure the visitor engages with your content, receives the correct information, and remains interested enough to contact you in-person.

Writing for Print

Printed publication can take many different forms such as manuscripts, books, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, promotional material and more. However, its nature is different from writing for the web as the length, style and sourcing may vary. I create content with the right style for print: unique, compelling, and informative.

Proofreading & Copy editing

Whether you have written a report or any document, it can be difficult for you to spot your own errors. Ordinary spellcheck tools cannot always say if you meant ‘bat’ or ‘bad’ or ‘good food’ and not ‘food good’. As a skilled proofreader and copy editor, I pay keen attention to spelling and punctuation errors, rid your document of difficult sentences or phrases, and create one that meets professional standards.


I can transform your ideas into structured, reader-friendly, and engaging content. Maybe you want to devote your time to other things that require your hands-on attention, or you don’t like the process of writing itself. Share your ideas with me, and I can turn them into written content. I can help create email or letter templates for internal communication in your organization or business or simply analyse content created by your team and share suggestions to improve them.

Allied Services and Odd Works

I collaborate with experienced professionals to provide specialised allied services such as website design and development, design for print, translations, and voice-overs. Besides writing for web and print, I also undertake a range of other tasks such as transcribing audio content from meetings and interviews into accurate type written documents, doing online research, drafting contracts, fact-checking, or formatting a document.

English Language Education

I am an experienced English Language Trainer. I conduct courses on general English (starter to advanced Level), and business writing. I also work on developing lesson plans for English language training, or lesson plans in English for various subjects or simply creating practice sheets for learners. I hold a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages / Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TESOL / TEFL).

How I Work

  • 01Understanding your needs and audience

    I start by asking you questions on the kind of writing you want, and your target audience. Are you a B2B company or are you a B2C company or are you targeting a mix of both companies and individuals? Do you just want to share information and create a “calling card” website for anyone looking for details about your company? Do you want content that is more interactive? Our discussion will help me better understand your requirements, and tailor my writing to suit your specific needs. I can also connect you with website design & development professionals to create a completely new look for your existing site or share inputs on how to improve the old content.
  • 02Research, writing, and editing

    Once we have decided on your requirements, I spend my time on research, writing, rewriting, fact-checking, proofreading and editing. I go through each of these steps carefully so that the copy you receive from me is accurate, well written, of professional standards, and meets your requirements.
  • 03Revisions

    Based on your feedback, I revise the work and resubmit, at no additional charge. I am happy to do revisions as long as they fall within the scope of the work to be done, which we will mutually agree on before I take on a project. This means that the overall topic, outline, and length of the content will stay the same.
  • 04Final Submission

    I will send the final work to you when we are 100% happy with what I have written, and you are sure that it meets your requirements. I, most commonly, send submissions via email or a highly secure cloud based storage solution. I am also happy to send the work by any other reasonable methods that you may suggest.

Do you have other professional requirements that aren’t listed here but require a combination of some of my skills and services?
Are you wondering if my services are confidential?